Bass Lessons


As well as being a bass technician. Grant is also a very expirienced bass player & musician &  has been teaching the bass for well over 15 years.

Lessons Cover:

• Tuning Your Bass
• Learning the notes on the neck
• Musical theory and how to read music
• How to Read Chord Charts & Number Charts
• Learning Scales, Modes, Arpeggios
• Working on Time & Groove
• Technique Finger, Pick & Slap Bass
• How to play with a band
• How to improvise
• Musicianship & Music industry knowledge
• Songwriting, Recording & Producing
• Instrument care & knowledge
• Learning to play all your favorite riffs

Grant has a true passion for sharing the insight & experience he has gained over the years to others that wish to learn. He loves teaching & seeing his students advance & is continually striving to make them better musicians each lesson.

Teaching all ages and all levels Grant has years of professional experience to turn anyone into an amazing musician. With a fantastic and fully set-up professional studio Grant provides a fun and inspiring learning environment for you to learn in. All lessons are 1 on 1 and take place during the day & the evening.

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